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The High Mountains of Portugal

Milton Public Library is delighted to confirm that Yann Martel’s The High Mountains of Portugal is this year’s One Book, One Milton community read. The 2017 novel has been ‘pieced together’ thanks to the lively support of many community members! A big thank you to all of the people, businesses, and Town of Milton facilities that helped put the puzzle together and launch this year’s campaign.

Engage with others in the community by reading and discussing the same book at the same time. Share in programs, participate in activities, and engage with friends and neighbours in this experience, as we bring Milton’s really big book club to life.

Yann Martel puzzle piece

Join us for an unforgettable series of events culminating in a grand finale with Yann Martel, one of Canada’s bestselling authors, recognized in particular for his award-winning novel, Life of Pi.

View the video from An Evening with Yann Martel.

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